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Meet Annika

Video Review

Annika underwent an extraction, bone graft, and dental implant placement to restore a tooth. Her whole oral surgery experience went smoothly, and she would definitely recommend Dr. Ahn.

Annika testimonial desktop
Annika testimonial desktop

Annika's Story

"Hi, my name is Annika, and I live in Aliso Viejo. I came to Dr. Ahn to have an implant. I needed an implant because the tooth that I had was very damaged, and so they found out that the only thing to do was to do an implant. The first time I went through those doors, I felt very welcome. The whole staff made me feel very comfortable. When I first came in, they did the tooth extraction. It went very smooth as well. I didn’t feel any pain or anything during the procedure. Then I did a bone grafting, and I had to wait several months, and then I came back and he did the implant, and it went very smooth. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ahn."

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