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Bone grafting procedure desktop
Bone grafting procedure desktop
Bone grafting procedure mobile
Bone grafting procedure mobile

Bone Grafting

Rebuild Facial Bone and Soft Tissues

For some patients, there is not enough bone in the jaw to support dental implants. In these cases, bone grafting may be required to rebuild jaw bone. This may include adding/augmenting bone in areas where the bone is too thin or lacks the necessary height for dental implant placement.

Dr. Ahn is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon who offers a variety of bone grafting options to restore health and stability to the face and jaws. Bone grafting helps more patients qualify for implant-based tooth restoration and is often a part of dental implant treatment. Contact OC Oral Surgery in Aliso Viejo, CA, to learn about your bone grafting options and to receive a custom care plan for your oral health needs.

Types of Bone Grafting Treatments

The right bone grafting option for you will depend on the area that requires more bone and the severity of bone loss. Material for a bone graft can be harvested from one of several sources:

  • The patient’s own body (autograft)
  • A cadaver (allograft)
  • An animal, typically a cow (xenograft)
  • Synthetic materials (alloplast)

During your first visit, we will take 3D scans of your mouth and face. Dr. Ahn will examine these detailed images, evaluate your oral health, and determine the right type of bone grafting for your oral health needs. We will also discuss your anesthesia options to ensure your comfort during surgery.

Procedure sinus lift video
Procedure sinus lift video

A sinus lift adds bone to the upper jaw, creating a sturdier foundation for dental implants.

It can sometimes be difficult to place dental implants in the upper back jaw due to insufficient bone quantity. Sinus lift surgery, also known as sinus augmentation, involves raising the sinus floor and adding bone graft material to allow new bone to form. Once healed, there will be a healthier and stronger foundation ready to support dental implants.

Socket Preservation

When a tooth is extracted, an ideal option is to replace it with a dental implant. However, not all patients can receive implants right away. Socket preservation allows us to preserve the size and shape of a tooth socket following extraction, making future implant placement easier. By preserving the socket, we also reduce jaw bone atrophy that can occur as a result of tooth loss.

Ridge Expansion

The alveolar ridge is the bone that supports the teeth. If the jaw is not wide enough or high enough, a ridge expansion is performed so that the alveolar ridge can support implants. This procedure involves splitting the jaw bone and inserting bone graft material so that new bone can form.

Major Bone Grafting

Major bone grafting can repair larger jaw defects, which may occur as a result of facial trauma, tumor removal surgery, or because of congenital defects. Major bone grafts use the patient’s own bone, and we typically perform this procedure in a hospital operating room.

Enhanced Recovery After Oral Surgery

At OC Oral Surgery, we use the latest advancements in dentistry, including biological aids and techniques, to help our patients have a faster and more comfortable recovery following surgery.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Procedure prp video thumb
Procedure prp video thumb

PRF can expedite the recovery process, allowing you to heal faster and more comfortably following oral surgery.

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) are naturally occurring growth factors that exist within our bodies to heal wounds. PRF can be collected from a small sample of the patient’s own blood, then applied directly to the surgical site to expedite the healing process. PRF can be used in many oral surgery procedures, including bone grafting, tooth extraction, dental implant placement, and more. Patients who have PRF applied to their surgical areas tend to have easier recoveries with less post-surgical pain and swelling. We are happy to discuss your options during the consultation to see if PRF is a part of your treatment plan.

Bone Grafting in Aliso Viejo, CA

Our oral surgery office is located in Aliso Viejo, CA, right off of California State Route 73 at La Paz Road, near Mission Viejo, CA. We proudly serve patients of all ages in Orange County and invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation. Dr. Ahn is a board-certified oral surgeon and will closely evaluate your oral health and create a custom care plan for your needs.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer several options for anesthesia and sedation.

Your Trusted Oral Surgery Experts in Orange County

OC Oral Surgery is committed to providing our patients with personalized oral surgery treatment and achieving exceptional clinical outcomes. Contact our office in Aliso Viejo, CA, to get started and to see how oral surgery can benefit your health and confidence.