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Meet Ramona

Video Review

Ramona gets quite scared about dentists, but she didn’t feel that way here at all. Dr. Ahn and his team created such a welcoming environment and helped her feel at ease during her treatment.

Romona testimonial desktop
Romona testimonial desktop

Ramona's Story

"Hi, I’m Ramona, and I’m from Laguna Niguel. I came to Dr. Ahn with regards to an extraction, initially, and then had some bone graft for a future implant because I have a pretty bad tooth. I have seen many doctors before, but truly, coming here was really quite easy, comfortable. I’m not the best at dentists – I get quite scared – but I didn’t feel that way here at all. It was very professional, very comfortable. I met Dr. Ahn initially as soon as I came through the door almost, and he just made me feel very comfortable. There’s a manner about him; it was relaxing. I didn’t feel that I was in a dental office, I suppose is the word. It felt more like just being in a nice room with someone who knew exactly how to make me feel at ease. I’d say that’s really one of the beauties of being here. I would just like to add that, if you do live in the vicinity of Newport Beach, Laguna, Mission Viejo, or any of these local Orange County areas, that really, this is the place to come if you want a professional job and nice people."

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