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Meet Bob

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Bob received a dental implant from another surgeon, and the implant failed in 2 weeks. He came to Dr. Ahn, who replaced his implant and restored his smile successfully. Bob recommends Dr. Ahn without hesitation!

Bob testimonial desktop
Bob testimonial desktop

Bob's Story

"Hi, my name is Bob. I live in the thriving metropolis of Laguna Woods. Another doctor did an implant; two weeks later, as I was having my Thanksgiving dinner, out it came, and I had this lovely implant in my hand. I went back to my dentist who said, “I’m going to send you down to Dr. Ahn. He does it right and he does it the first time.” He is determined that everything is going to be done right, and it’s going to be done by the numbers. We sat down, we got comfortable with each other; he explained exactly what he had to do. I would recommend Dr. Ahn without any hesitation. If you want a doctor, Dr. Ahn is the person who will do it right the first time, and you will be delighted."

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