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Meet Frank

Video Review

Frank needed multiple teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants. Thanks to Dr. Ahn’s expertise, he didn’t miss a day of work and had minimal discomfort after his procedures.

Frank testimonial desktop
Frank testimonial desktop

Frank's Story

"My name's Frank, and I am from the city of Laguna Niguel. I’d neglected my mouth for years and years, and I had three teeth that needed to be pulled. My dentist sent me to Dr. Ahn. It was wonderful. When I came into the office, I was greeted by the staff. Dr. Ahn's a dream. I’ve been to oral surgeons before and usually they don’t tell you anything. Dr. Ahn is very good at explaining what he’s going to do, what’s wrong, what the solution is. When I came in here, I needed three teeth extracted, then he recommended that I get implants. My recovery time amazed me. I didn’t miss a day of work; I had minimal discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Ahn to anybody in South County, even if you're living above the Y, come on down because it is well worth the drive; it’s not that far."

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