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Meet Melinda

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Melinda loves working with this team because they are very accommodating. Both of her sons had their wisdom teeth removed, and she appreciated that the staff called to check up on them.

Melinda testimonial desktop
Melinda testimonial desktop

Melinda's Story

"My name is Melinda; I work for Dr. Bryan Cramm and Dr. Matthew Riggs in Aliso Viejo. We love referring to OC Oral Surgery. They are a great office to work with. We enjoy working with the staff. They make it very easy to refer our patients and get them scheduled conveniently. Most of the time, we call when we have patients in our office, and they’re able to accommodate them quickly. The feedback that we get from the patients are that they are very accommodating, their hours worked around the patient’s hours, they got calls after the appointments were made and completed to check up on them, and the patients appreciated that. Both of my boys had their wisdom teeth extracted in this office. I liked the fact that Dr. Ahn was a medical doctor as well as an oral surgeon. It was a good peace of mind from a mom standpoint, and I liked the fact that they called afterwards and checked up and made sure that the boys were doing great. And they did – they had a great, easy recovery."

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