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Meet Cynthia

Video Review

Cynthia brought her son to OC Oral Surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed. She was thrilled by this team’s professionalism, compassion, and how well they cared for her son with his disability.

Cynthia testimonial desktop
Cynthia testimonial desktop

Cynthia's Story

"Hi, I’m Cynthia and I live in Laguna Hills, California, and my son had his wisdom teeth extracted. So when we came to OC Oral Surgery for the consult, Dr. Ahn explained in detail what needed to be done, so we were aware and felt very confident in his expertise. The team here was very professional and genuinely compassionate, and we were thrilled by their ability to act and understand how to deal with my son with his disability. The experience we had here at OC Oral Surgery was exceptional and we would highly recommend this team."

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