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Meet Joseph

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Dr. Ahn sent Joseph to the hospital for a dental problem and visited him every day, despite not having treated him. After Joseph left the hospital, Dr. Ahn performed surgery and safely extracted the tooth.

Joseph testimonial desktop
Joseph testimonial desktop

Joseph's Story

"Hi, my name is Joseph. My tooth was broken; my molar on the side here was broken, and it affected my jaw. I immediately go into the hospital, they run some tests, and sure enough, it was a blood clot, and they put me on blood thinners. I saw my dentist, who said they couldn’t do anything with the tooth while I’m on blood thinners, so they kept me on antibiotics. I was sent to another dentist who decided to get me off the blood thinners and do some work on the tooth and try to save the tooth. Well, it didn’t happen. Dr. John then sent me to see Dr. Ahn, and they took a look at my mouth and immediately told me that I had to go to the hospital. Dr. Ahn came and visited me every single day in the hospital, even though he could not do any dental work to me. Once I got out of the hospital, Dr. Ahn successfully did the work that he had to do with the tooth. If you live in the South Orange County area – Irvine, San Juan Capistrano, Rancho Santa Margarita, Laguna Beach – I recommend for anybody, even if it was a friend or a family member, no matter where they were in the state, should actually come and see Dr. Ahn."

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