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Meet Brody

Video Review

Brody accidentally knocked out his front tooth and needed the remaining parts of it extracted. Dr. Ahn is great with younger patients and provided Brody with excellent care.

Brody testimonial desktop
Brody testimonial desktop

Brody's Story

"Brody: Hi, my name is Brody, and I’m here to talk about Dr. Ahn. Andrea: My son Brody, who is 6, actually fell off his bunk bed and knocked out his front tooth, so Dr. Ahn had to extract the remains of it. I would totally recommend coming to Dr. Ahn. He has excellent bedside manner; he was great with Brody. He took excellent care of him, and Brody did so well after the surgery. He didn’t need any kind of medication afterwards. I was not nervous at all bringing him in because I know how excellent Dr. Ahn is with patients and especially children. Brody: Dr. Ahn took some of my teeth out. It didn’t hurt at all. Dr. Ahn’s the best."

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