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Meet Aiden

Video Review

Aiden required facial trauma care after breaking his jaw. This staff was very nice to him and helped him feel calm about his treatment. Plus, he got to drink lots of milkshakes!

Aiden testimonial desktop
Aiden testimonial desktop

Aiden's Story

"Hi, my name is Aiden, and I broke my jaw from riding my bike to school. While I was looking behind me, I hit a pole, so I came here to Dr. Ahn’s office, and he repaired it for me. One, they were really nice to me, and they helped me not be scared and be calm. Two, when they did the wire, they put me under so I couldn’t feel a thing, and I wouldn’t wake up during the surgery. After I got my wires off, I went back on my bike, and I felt all better and not scared anymore. The best part is, you get to drink milkshakes."

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